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In a survey, 50% of faculty said most of their assignments are red.
Students, Faculty Respond to AI "Traffic Light" System
Kayra Serpenguzel '25 February 26, 2024
The SchoolPass attendance
tablets remain unchanged.
RE changes emergency app after Raptor buys SchoolPass
Kamran Bhagwan '25 December 7, 2023
The science is clear: more sleep is necessary to health and wellness. But RE students frequently go without it.
More Sleep, Less Lunch
Julia Cuy '25 December 7, 2023
Clayton Younger ’23 (top) going out on his fishing boat in the early morning.
Juggling Acts
Ian Fox '24 June 6, 2023
Scarlett Sable ’24 and Natasha do
Valle ’23 lead a HIP module
With Sex Ed removed from HIP, RE contemplates next steps
Lily Landman '23 June 5, 2023
Why Netflix Still Has You By the Pockets
Vladimir Ponomarenko '25 and Eduardo Michelsen '25 February 26, 2024
From the Minotaur to Icarus, the film is dense with allusions to Greek myth. Why?
What You Missed When You Watched "Saltburn"
Sophia Romanov Imber '24 February 26, 2024
Review bombing is just one of the ways the platform can adversely affect authors.
Is Goodreads Good?
Jordan James '25 February 26, 2024
Top left to bottom right: seniors Tom Maxwell, Collin Goff, Chuli Serra,
Emery Diemar, Stephanie Wallen, Ryan Bienstock, Violet Martin,
Gabriela Pena, Nick Viana, and Antonio de Macedo
The New Recruits
Nate Kaplan '24 February 26, 2024
A sea of pink at a recent Inter Miami game.
How Messi Is Changing the Landscape of U.S. Soccer
Samuel Bussel-Alonso '27 and Matthew Pollak '25 February 26, 2024
From left to right: Ryan Bienstock ’24, Leah Dimond ’24, Leo Porcelli ’27, Chuli Serra ’24
What Drives RE’s Student Athletes?
Collin Goff '24 December 11, 2023
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