The Catalyst

Students expand their curriculum with independent studies

Donna Zheng '19 and Liza Dill '21

February 28, 2019

This year, seven seniors became the pioneers exploring new territory in the Ransom curriculum — the new independent studies program. Although the program debuted this year, it has been many years in the making. “It’s...

RE students seek expansion of mental health support systems and campus programming

Ricardo Andrade '21, Alex Prio-Touzet '21

February 28, 2019

Stress is a constant at Ransom Everglades — at least according to many members of the student body, who have expressed concern about their lack of sleep, demanding activities, and strenuous workloads. But students, teachers,...

Amidst #MeToo, RE grapples with how to address sexual assault and harassment

Juan Gabriel Roca-Paisley '19 and Kareena Rudra '20

February 28, 2019

Following the national dialogue on sexual assault that has arisen over the past few years, students have expressed the need for the issue to be discussed further, and in a more public way.

Security updates address post-Parkland challenges

Anna Mistele '19

September 30, 2018

From badges, to class bells that talk, to reinforced classroom door locks, Ransom Everglades has taken extra steps to improve its campus security in the wake of the escalating dialogue about school safety. “I imagine every...

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