New restaurants in the Grove: Which ones are worth the trip?

Taking a trip to Coral House and Taco Way!

Art and Pizza, menu items that change the pizza game entirely, can be found right in Coconut Grove. This area is ever expanding, and many restaurants have emerged throughout the past year. There are many factors that make restaurants stand out, the most important ones being utility and attraction. Two of the newest restaurants in the Grove, Coral House and Taco Way, display both factors.  

Coral House is an Italian restaurant on Coral Way. They make everything from scratch and try to recreate the feeling of ‘home’ experienced in Italy. As one of the few authentic Italian restaurants in town, Coral House is the closest and best option when craving Italian. 

It was a brand-new Italian restaurant, and there are not that many that are good near the Grove / Coral Gables area, says Jordan Hoffman ’21.

Coral House is also very accommodating. It is both gluten free and vegan friendly and also has wheelchair access. Some of Coral House’s most prominent dishes include pasta, pizza, and salads. The pizza is so unique that there is even a separate part of the menu titled “Art & Pizza.” This section lets you order several different types of pizza, each with a different artistic shape. You can order pizza in the shape of a star, oval, or even in the shape of a canoe. 

Amid Covid-19 concerns, Coral House has adapted quite well. They have taken extreme measures to ensure their customers safety.

 When asked about Coral House’s safety, Hoffman ’21, who ate at Coral House recently, says, “They did not have indoor seating, and all the spaces were on the outdoor terrace, and the tables were all spaced out at least 6 feet apart. The waiters were all wearing masks.” Coral House also boasts about its abundance of fans. Located above every table in order to promote air circulationCoral House leaves a lasting impression when you eat there. Hoffman ’21 says “ [I] enjoyed it a lot and I went there twice.” Whether it be the great service, innovative menu, or the authentic Italian food, Coral House does not disappoint. 

Taco Way, a new Mexican restaurant in Commodore Plaza, is also another great casual eatery. Its service and accommodation make it good place to dine in or get takeout. Although there is a lot of competition nearby, Taco Way is a booming success.

 Taco Way’s success can be attributed to the outdoor seating. Many of the restaurants near Taco Way, such as El Taquito, a taco restaurant owned by the same owner and partnered with Taco Way, does not have outdoor seating, or any seating at all. Especially in the age of Covid-19, outdoor seating is essential to bring in customers. 

Taco Way is very reasonably pricedfrom $5- $15, which makes it one of the best informal restaurants in the Grove to either sit down and order, or to just pick up food and leave. They have a wide range of tacos, burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, and more. They also have a separate breakfast menu for the mornings. You can order online and pick up your food within twenty minutes, or you can have it delivered to your house. Taco Way has responded to Covid-19 perfectly and this response has helped it grow as a restaurant.  

The restaurant business is very competitive, especially in the Grove. Two of the best choices to have either a sit-down dinner, or a quick lunch, are Taco Way and Coral House.