Raider Boys Soccer’s frustrating tie versus the University School


Carl Kafka P'12, 'P10

Junior Martin Piedrahita ’24 blocks a close goal attempt from NSU

Clayton Younger '23

On Tuesday, December 6th, The RE boys varsity soccer team took on University school at home. The game was back and forth, allowing both teams several opportunities to score. As the game progressed, tension rose between the Raiders and the Sharks.

The University school kicked off, and the match began. The Sharks held possession of the ball, but Ransom’s defense was able to stop their attempt and gain possession. Center back Ryan Courey has been out on injured reserve with a hamstring strain, so Sophmore Luca Falero stepped up to take his place. The Raiders moved the ball past their midfield but were quickly challenged by the Shark’s defense. The gameplay mirrored a ping-pong game, constantly going back and forth. 

Senior Nicky Goldberg returned to playing after getting kneed in the face, resulting in 25 stitches. After losing many vital seniors to graduation, Nicky’s absence affected the team dramatically these past few weeks. Having Nicky back made a huge difference. Alex Denaro ‘23 said, “Nicky brought back the intensity and skill to the midfield.” 

The referees constantly called fouls on both sides, barely letting the players play. The University school coach was visibly frustrated with the game, yelling at his players and Ransoms. He challenged the referee by stepping into his face, where he was warned to walk away. The first half ended, and the score was still 0-0.

The Raiders started with the ball in the second half. They began to dominate, getting several chances to score. Even though the Raiders had possession, they were not able to convert. University school stole the ball and started progressing up the field, passing the Raider’s offense and midfield. After solid passing, the ball reached the Raider’s goal, but junior Martin Piedrahita made a shocking save that prevented the Sharks from going up 1-nil.  

As the game reached the final 20 minutes, the fouling increased. The Sharks were playing dirty to try and catch a break. Their attempts were unsuccessful, and the Raiders maintained their composure and focused on the task. 

The Raiders had two chances to score in the final few minutes, but they were unsuccessful. The game ended 0-0, and both teams seemed unsatisfied. As the teams were walking off the field, a verbal scuffle ensued on the sideline. A bench player from University School attempted to initiate a fight, but the Raiders kept their cool. The referee gave out two red cards to University school players. 

Senior Ryan Courey said, “I was proud of how we kept our composure the entire game and ignored their trash-talking; we were the mental winners.” The Raiders take on Westminster Christian at home on Friday, December 7th.