Mr. David Clark ’86 on his journey to RE


"The Dartmouth" newspaper

Mr. Clark playing football for Dartmouth.

This year, Mr. David Clark ’86 has been welcomed back to Ransom Everglades as the new interim Head of the Upper School and Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Clark is a proud alum, dean and coach with deep ties to the RE community. To him, the new role truly feels like a homecoming.   

“[It’s] meant a lot for me to come back. I’ve slept better, I’ve not been happier ever since being back,” he said.  

Mr. Clark grew up in Miami, Florida, and started attending Ransom Everglades during his high school years. He spent most of his time doing homework in the quad during free periods or playing football with his fellow teammates after school.   

After graduating from RE and earning the Headmaster’s Cup, he pursued his higher education at Dartmouth College, where he played football as a Big Green. He was a star player with impressive stats, known both for holding the school’s all-time rushing record—1,812 yards; even today, he still ranks #6—and for racking up 97-yard runs in games against Harvard and Princeton.   

He was then drafted into the NFL as a free agent by the Cincinnati Bengals in 1990, where he played for a year before returning to Ransom Everglades in 1991. Back at RE, he served as a faculty member, dean and football coach over a period of seven years. He then continued his leadership path at the Pine Crest School in Boca Raton, where he served as the Head of School for 23 years.  

When he was offered the chance to return to Ransom Everglades once again, Mr. Clark jumped at the opportunity. He was overwhelmed with joy to return to something so close to his heart.   

Mr. Clark spends most of his time on campus, and his days begin early. After waking up at 4 A.M. and working out at the school gym, he goes back home, gets ready for the school day, and returns to campus—by 5:55.   

As the sun rises, he always makes sure to carve out some time to walk onto the field and enjoy the view for a few minutes before returning to his office. “Ransom is truly a special place. The location is spectacular and distinguishes us from other schools by giving us the opportunity for various programs,” he said.  

Now that he’s back, Mr. Clark said his mission is heavily focused on ensuring that all students feel included in the Ransom Everglades community. After the triumphant construction of the Fernandez STEM Center, he plans to continue to push for the renovations of other buildings such as Ludington and Math/Science. “Every student needs to find his or her connection to the school that makes them flourish, whether it be friends or athletics,” Mr. Clark explained.   

As someone who was shaped by the support he received from his teachers at RE, including legendary English teacher Mr. Dan Leslie Bowden, Mr. Clark also wants ensure that the school remain a place where students and teachers have strong bonds with one another.   

While serving as Head of Upper School, Mr. Clark hopes to continue his mission and change RE for the better. “I’ve been so pleased, and I’m so excited about what the future holds for the school,” he said.