February 12, 2021

“I remember speaking casually with Mr. Che many years ago about manipulation in imagery and propaganda globally. Being the warm and generous person he was, Mr. Che invited me to his class where they were discussing propaganda and how in China and other countries political dissidents were being “erased” from history through the use of photography. Some of the examples he showed his class were images and stories I was unfamiliar with and it was fascinating. In my interactions with Mr. Che, it was clear he cared passionately about the truth and that zeal for honesty was and remains inspirational to me.

– Matthew Stock  

“Mr. Che came to speak to the 6th-grade students several years ago.  He talked about the Cultural Revolution, and he began crying as he recalled the memories. His talk had a huge impact on the students who had been reading Red Scarf Girl.

– Jody Salzinger 

“My very being fell into shock upon hearing of Youming’s sudden passing. We would often see each other at lunch or early in the morning during traffic duty. We would engage in many interesting conversations. Youming was a true renaissance man. I would learn something new and interesting practically every time I spoke to him. In the relatively short period of my life I  knew Youming I feel extremely privileged to have had that honor. Thank you Youming.

– Scott O’Donnell 

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