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Florida Senate – District 37

November 1, 2020

Ileana Garcia (REP)


A former television personality and the founder of Latinas for Trump, Garcia served in the Trump administration as the Deputy Press Secretary at the Department of Homeland Security before stepping down in March.

Priorities and Points of View 

  • Garcia has been endorsed by Florida governor Ron DeSantis.
  • Garcia has identified herself as anti-socialist.
  • In terms of the COVID-19 response, Garcia wants to see the state government working to end the pandemic while reopening the economy. 
  • Garcia wants to prioritize police funding.
  • Garcia’s priorities include unemployment, accessible healthcare, and water quality.
  • Garcia wants to improve public schools and allow parents to make a choice on which public school they want to send their child to. 
  • She is pro-life.


Jose Javier Rodriguez (DEM) 


A former attorney, and the incumbent since 2016, Rodriguez also served two terms in the Florida House of Representatives in District 112.

Priorities and Points of View

  • Rodriguez’s priorities include small businesses, the environment, working families, public education, better wages, and widespread access to healthcare. 
  • Rodriguez opposes defunding the police and is endorsed by several police departments. 
  • Rodriguez is pro-choice, endorsed by Planned Parenthood. 
  • Rodriguez is pro-LGBTQ+ rights, endorsed by  Florida LGBTQ+ Democratic Caucus.
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