The Catalyst

2019-2020 Staff

Quinn Lennon

Quinn Lennon

Quinn Lennon '22 is a Co-Editor in Chief and writer for The Catalyst, specifically covering sports news, features, and scores.

Liza Dill 21

Liza Dill ’21

Liza Dill is the Opinion Editor of The Catalyst. For the 2019-2020 school year she served as Community News Editor. She has been contributing since her sophomore year.

Viviana Freyer 20

Viviana Freyer ’20

Viviana Freyer is the Features and Op-Eds editor. This is her second consecutive year on the editing staff and writing pieces for the Catalyst.

Phoebe Beber-Frankel 20

Phoebe Beber-Frankel ’20

Phoebe is the Sports & Arts Editor for the Catalyst, and has been a contributor since her junior year.

Kareena Rudra 20

Kareena Rudra ’20

Kareena Rudra is the campus news editor for the Catalyst and has been writing since her junior year.

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